Board of Education holds meeting to discuss plans of keeping students safe in schools

"It is real that the problems at the root of this behavior did not occur all at once. Nor will it be resolved immediately—however we need to begin that process tonight," said Board of Education President Glenn Bramble.

It was a full house inside Choptank Elementary School's gymnasium where Dorchester's Board of Education held a board meeting to address school safety after the recent riot that broke out at Cambridge South Dorchester High School.

"This just shows now that this has been going on for some time this did not happen overnight ," said Bramble.

"We just want a little bit more transparency a little bit more consistency and we want to make sure that they know that parents want an involved role in the school system," said Concerned Parents Group member Melissa Dennis.

The board presented their ideas before parents and other faculty members– on how they plan on working to create a safer environment for students. Including providing mental health professionals for children and placing additional resource officers in the school. But those ideas take money, something that's not in great supply when it comes to the Board of Education.

"I'm speaking for the board in its entirety I might add that they need to be there in every school but our county doesn't have the funds so to keep hollering about safety— it takes money," said Bramble.

Officials say the road to recovery and safety for students won't happen overnight, but it will take patience, consistency, and the willingness to improve as a community.  

Board Members also invited Maryland delegates to the meeting in hopes that they will be able to bring awareness to the lack of funding for resources officers in Dorchester's schools to Annapolis.


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