Almost in the clear; Pocomoke hopeful about their water problem

Imagine turning on your faucet and the water comes out a rusty, yellow color. well for about 40 years that was the reality in Pocomoke City,

"When we wash our clothes everything is so irony, I mean you start out with a white shirt or sweater and you end up after a couple washes, it's yellowish," says Margaret Soulis, a Pocomoke resident since 1978. 

Residents say the water has always been an issue.

"We have a filter system here that's supposed to last three months, but I'll be lucky if I get three weeks out of all the rust and the dirt and stuff," says Pocomoke resident Ernie Stout. 

Soulis adds, "I was beginning to think they were never going to do anything about it." 

But there might finally be a light at the end of the tunnel.

"It's been terrible since living here. They are finally starting to do something about it, however it's still not good good but it is a whole lot better than what it was," explains Soulis.

It's all thanks to a new IOREX device that was installed over a month ago. It's a device that is designed to flush out all the iron and rust residents have been seeing in their water for years. A device that now seems to be working. 

"Everyone was even scared to turn their faucets on. But now we can drink water in the Heights," says Bobby Cowger, Pocomoke City Manager.

He adds that it's not 100 percent, but it is 100 percent than what it was. The one level that still has to go down, the high concentrate of iron.

But even though it's not perfect yet, residents and city officials are excited for what could be the end to Pocomoke's water issues. 

"It's still not the way it should be, it's been so bad for so long. I guess we're just happy that it is getting better," explains Coulis. 

Cowger tells us he hopes these new improvements in their water will spark some new residents to move to the city. 

He also adds that they are continuing to work on replacing the old pipes with plastic pipes. Cowger believes they might have as good of water quality as anyone else by the end of this year. 

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