Worcester County Sheriff’s Office address potential threats in schools

The safety of our kids in school has been a hot button topic since the events in Florida earlier this month, but locally concerns have been raised after a series of threats had been made in Worcester County. 

The State's Attorney's Office, the school board and the Sheriff's Department say there's nothing to worry about and assure that students in the county are safe. 

The Worcester County Sheriff's office says they are monitoring social media and investigating any potential threats. 

We're told that the main problem is that many people tend to play telephone and do not contact officers immediately

"What we found is they tell a friend, they tell two friends, they post it online this person posts it online and it gets blown up. Say something to local law enforcement, so local law enforcement is able to take quick action," Lt. Edward Schreier tells us. 

We're told if you see something, say something and to notify law enforcement directly, so they can work quickly and efficiently.  

Lieutenant Schreier says they are working hand in hand with the school board as well and they are constantly working hard to keep schools safe. 

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