UPDATE:Ex-Dover Police officer acquitted in assault case in hiring process with Md. town police

Cpl. Thomas Webster submits resignation to Dover PD

A former Dover Police officer who was acquitted of assaulting a man in 2013 was hired at a police department, in Maryland. State training and certification is currently pending. 

Town Manager Jeannette DeLude confirms with 47ABC that Thomas Webster IV, of Delaware, is in the process of becoming the fourth police officer with the Town of Greensboro, MD. According to DeLude, Webster was the most qualified applicant. 

Webster was found not guilty in 2014 of second degree assault against Lateef Dickerson, although dashcam footage shows Dickerson being kicked in the jaw while being taken into custody, in Dover. Months after the verdict, Webster was reportedly given a $230,000 severance and resignation package from the city of Dover, according to the Associated Press (AP). AP reports that Webster also received pay and benefits, including his pension, for work missed during the case.

Webster voluntarily resigned from his role with the Dover Police Department on February 23, 2016.

47 ABC reached out to the Dover Police Department. They said, "As a result of the agreement/settlement between The City of Dover is not permitted to discuss Mr. Webster's matters.

However, severance pay/packages are not a policy or part of employment benefits with the city of Dover."

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