Update on Ocean City Inlet Dredging Project

If you live in Ocean City, you've probably seen an interesting looking vessel out in the inlet.

That's because just a few weeks ago, a boat carrying 11,000 pounds of sea bass ran aground in the inlet, so the US Army Corps of Engineers was called in to do an emergency dredging.

That dredging project began on February 2nd and should be finished within the next few days.

The build up of shoals in the inlet has posed a problem for large vessels heading to the commercial port in West Ocean City for several weeks now.

Ocean City officials say the dredging project will not hinder other boats' access to the inlet.

Mayor Rick Meehan says this dredging project is a temporary solution to a long term problem. He said, "That's just something to hold us over, you know, as we try to move forward with a study with the Army Corps of Engineers to really determine what we can do long range to resolve the problem that we have in the Inlet and the shoaling."

Shoaling is a phenomenon where sand builds up, making certain areas too shallow for large boats to pass.

We will continue to monitor this situation and provide any updates on the status of the Ocean City inlet as they become available.

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