Sussex Central High School student refurbishes computer supplies for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico and the families who call the island home need help and fortunately they are getting it from someone on Delmarva.

Adam Bobak, a junior at Sussex Central High School, is taking matters into his own hands to help those impacted by Hurricane Maria and Irma. 

"I thought, well, everyone is sending food and water and I know they lost a lot of their belongings, so I thought that I could combine my passion and their need and create a computer repair hardware drive," Bobak says. 

This idea stems from a International Baccalaureate Program, where students focus on creativity, action and service. 

Their principal Dr. Bradley Layfield tells us, "It's more likely its to positively impact our community here in Sussex county. So this is one of the first times that Adam's project is actually going to help folks across the Caribbean down in Puerto Rico."

And he's decided to refurbish computer supplies to give Puerto Ricans access to communication by providing short range communication capabilities. We're told they are sending over 230 pounds of computer supplies. 

While these items may seem small, for Puerto Rican families who've lost absolutely everything, this is a huge show of support. 

They have found a logistics company to shrink wrap the products to send over. They hope to get the packaging done by this weekend. 

As far as costs, State Senator Brian Pettyjohn has assisted them by finding a company who can ship those items. 

And they encourage everyone to continue donating items to help Puerto Rico. 

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