Seaford church holds stand with students: prayers to break the cycle of violence vigil

In Seaford, community members gathered to remember the victims of the Florida High School shooting, and to  pray for a country that has lost so many young people to gun violence.

"We've remembered, we've prayed for healing and now let us pray for protection," said one woman.

Tears were shed and songs were sung as part of the Seaford community came together to remember the lives lost in the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, and pray to end the cycle of violence.

"You have sent these young people to bring us joy, and to bring so many possibilities into our lives. They are a gift you have given us to nourish and to protect," said another woman as she prayed.

Among those who attended the vigil included the Pearson family who were directly affected by the Florida school shooting.

"My sisters kids were in the school at the time of the shooting and actually witnessed some of the shootings and her oldest son was in the room one of the rooms that was sprayed with gun fire," said George Pearson.

"Jacob was in a classroom next to the stairwell his class was able to hear the first three gunshots fired in the stairwell. For my other cousin Kyle he was in a psychology class when the shooter shot through the window on the door and sprayed bullets into the classroom. Some of which struck three students. Two girls suffered leg injuries and one girl was fatally wounded," said Pearson's son.

The service also included prayers to heal hearts and protect children as many are troubled by the deaths of way too many young people in their own classrooms.

"The young people that are here tonight to remember other scholars that have fallen and I thank you lord that they care about their schools that they care about their students," said another.

And community members say that praying is the first step to healing the nation. 

George Pearson, who's family was affected by the shooting, also wanted those to remember that if anyone notices anything unusual to report it, and not turn a blind eye because it could end up saving a life.

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