Save Our Sons community forum held

A town hall forum in Georgetown was held to build the African-American community in Sussex County that drew a packed house.

Save Our Sons was the name of the discussion, centering around four different topics.  Those topics were: school to prison pipeline, prison re-entry for people who go to prison, household absent fathers, and community building.

The goal of the forum is to bring resources together and make connections in order to craft a plan to help the community as a whole.

"Invest in our sons is like when people invested in me," says panelist Lorenzo Hopkins.  "They gave me the shoulders to stand on, gave me some positive outlets versus just turning to the negative, and what we do with our sons is we're giving them a hand up because you typically hear all over the country, the narrative is out of control young black men, the incarceration rate, but we're here to tell you there are some people out here doing some great stuff."

This is just the beginning of the community conversations, we're told you can find out more by going to the brown eye perspective on Facebook.

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