Salisbury City Council overrides Mayor Day’s veto on pay increases

The Salisbury City Council officially voted to override Mayor Day's veto on pay increases, on Monday evening.

According to the City of Salisbury, the Council unanimously voted to override Mayor Day's veto on pay salary increases, on Monday. The increases will go into effect after the next election.

Council members voted on January 23 to double the Mayor's salary from $25,000 to $50,000. The Council also voted to raise the council president, Jack Heath's, salary to $15,000 annually. Council members voted to raise their salary to $12,000 annually.

Within a six day period, Mayor Day had vetoed this legislation saying that he supported the pay increase recommendations, but he said that the increase would be for a future Mayor and Day said that he did not want to put a raise on a position that he will run for.

Mayor Day said at the time that if council members overrode his veto then he would donate the money back to City programs.

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