Resort town changes view of ocean for visitors

The sightlines along the ocean in Bethany Beach will be a little different from now on after the town council voted 6 to 1 Friday to move forward with regulations on shading devices on the beach.

The ordinance bans all shading devices on the beach other than standard sized umbrellas and baby tents.

We're told the council was divided on the issue until they went through the survey response from town residents.  The survey was answered by 1,253 locals, who responded overwhelmingly in favor of the ordinance.

"The turning point for me, and I think for some of the other council members, was the overwhelming response that people gave us that people did not want canopies or tents or other shading devices on the beach," says councilwoman Rosemary Hardiman.

We are told the ordinance goes in to effect immediately.  The town will begin enforcing it, but will warn visitors at first before enforcing penalties.

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