Rehoboth Watchers kicked to the curb

A neighborhood watch program that has been a staple in the Rehoboth community for over a decade is coming to an end.

Rehoboth Watch was a partnership between the police department and its citizens using phone trees to report suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.  We're told because of evolving police messaging practices it does not make sense to continue a program which has become, "redundant."

Another reason cited is the lack in number of full-time residents.  

We spoke to Commissioner Kathy McGuiness who says the increased number of part-time residents is a reason to keep Rehoboth Watchers around.

"If we have eighty percent non-resident property owners, that's exactly who needs to see what's going on because they're not here.  So what if there's a situation that's going on, you want to make sure that your house is safe, or your property is safe.  You call a friend or you call a neighbor, a caregiver, whoever."

McGuiness says she plans to question the decision at the next Rehoboth Beach commissioners meeting on February 16.

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