Questions asked following end of neighborhood watch

he Rehoboth Watch is being shut down, with a number of reasons cited, but some are asking why.  One commissioner was expressing support for continuing the program at Friday night's meeting.

Commissioner Stan Mills is one of the coordinators for the town's neighborhood watch.  He says he is retiring from the post, for a number of reasons.

First on the list is the fact that the police force has hired a new Public Information Officer.  Mills calls the watch group, "redundant."

But Commissioner Kathy McGuiness is seeing if the program can be salvaged, partly because of the amount of locals interested in the group.

"I have been asked by certain folks and residents and property owners who really enjoyed the program paid attention to the emails."

McGuiness and property owners also argue having the watch it's not redundant.  Instead, they see it as added safety on top of what police provide.

"I don't think you can have too much redundancy when it comes to safety," says McGuiness.

"I don't quite understand how it's redundant," says Raman Battish.  "Having community involvement, citizen involvement in that process is always important, I think only good things can come from it."

We're told the lack of full-time residents was another reason for the shut down, but McGuiness argues the amount of empty properties in the area is exactly why the watch is needed.

"At least the number that's been thrown out there for the past ten years has been that we have eighty percent non residents.  To me, that's more of a reason to keep a neighborhood watch program because those folks aren't here."

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