PRMC now offers minimally invasive brain surgery

In Salisbury, new cutting edge technology that will save locals a trip across the bridge for treatment is finally here at PRMC. 

"This room right here is the brand new neurosurgery hybrid operating room at PRMC." 

Believe it or not, the hybrid OR is something no other hospital has on the shore. It allows neurosurgeons to conduct minimally invasive brain surgery.

"Earlier this week, we treated a brain aneurism through the minimally invasive procedure so we placed coils in the aneurism by using a micro-catheter that was sitting right in the aneurism itself," says Dr. Sopiha Shakur, a brainsurgeon at PRMC.

Before this couldn't be offered to patients at PRMC. 

"We didn't have the minimally invasive capabilities here on Delmarva. Those patients would often times have to be transferred to either Baltimore or another hospital with this technology and often times it would have to be done in an emergency and so by keeping the patients here on the shore, you're able to treat them quicker and with the goal of having a better outcome," explains Dr. Shakur. 

This new technology won't just cut trips across the bridge or patient recovery time, but it's also making the OR staff and surgeons jobs easier. 

"When she's in here we get to watch live video of what she's doing and it's great because it makes me and my team better. I can anticipate and can see how 'oh okay you're going to need that stint, I can see it's going you a little bit of trouble over there. Let me go get this for you," says Leah Cherrix, the Clinical Supervisor for PRMC Neurosurgery. 

Having the radiology or x-ray in the same room as the OR also makes it a one-stop shop for surgery, something they never could do before.

And the hospital staff is just excited to keep more patients here on the shore. 

"It's going to have a huge impact not just on the hospital in terms of how many patients we're able to treat, but also getting local folks the care that they need right here at home," says Dr. Shakur. 

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