Ocean City considering Coca Cola logo on water tower

The water tower near route 90 in Ocean City could look pretty different in the future. That's because Coca-Cola has expressed an interest in painting their logo on the tower.

Ocean City officials brought the suggestion up at a recent park and recreation meeting.

The idea was mentioned because Ocean City has a sponsorship agreement with the popular soda company.

Officials were discussing ways to enhance that sponsorship and create additional opportunities for Coca-Cola as well as create additional money for the city.

Mayor Meehan says this is all just discussion right now and nothing has been set in stone.

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan, "That was one of the ideas it was brought up at the Park and Rec Committee, reported to the mayor and council and its going to be subject to future conversations but no decisions have been made in that regard."

Back in 2015, the Mountain Dew Tour skating competition ended it's partnership with Ocean City, leading to the Route 50 water tower eventually being re-branded. 

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