OC Cruisin’ to return for 28th year

Despite last year's controversy, classic cars, muscle cars, hot rods and more will once again be cruising along Ocean City's streets this spring, and for several more years to come.

Ocean City council members agreed to put dates on hold for future car events earlier this week.

Locals have mixed emotions about the return of OC Cruisin'.

Les Morris, a worker at Thrasher's said, "Oh I love it. Love the cruisers, they're very nice people, they're early risers so we open up early when they get here and they're very good for business. Bring a lot of people here."

Christina Jozsa, a frequent Ocean City visitor said, "It's too much noise and trouble for people that live here, it's ridiculous actually."

Just a few months ago, a task force was created to address the issues commonly brought about by these large car events, and officials are hoping the task force's efforts will make a difference in this year's OC Cruisin' event.

Mayor Meehan said, "There's no magic wand here, but we're really hoping that we're going to be able to eliminate mitigate and address some of the major issues so that the events can improve and we continue to hold them in Ocean City."

One of the solutions the task force came up with for this year was to add a third destination for cruisers at the Delmar International Speedway in Delaware.

Mayor Meehan said, "One of the things that we talked to the promoter about for Cruisin' was to try to spread the event out a little bit." 

Moving forward, the Town of Ocean City is trying create a "special events zone".

This zone would make it so fines would be doubled, points would be raised and enforcement would be increased in certain areas.

Mayor Meehan said, "We think being able to promote that in advance, letting people know that it's not just a 40 dollar ticket anymore, that this could be a substantial penalty, we're hoping that will help us and be one of the tools in the toolbox to help us make these events more compatible with Ocean City."

Mayor Meehan tells us that he will be going to Annapolis on February 27th and March 3rd in an effort to pass Bills 872 and 1406, both of which are legislation to create these special event zones.

We will be sure to follow this story and let you know if these bills get passed.

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