Not My Child hopes to continue conversation about opioids

A new program in Anne Arundel County caught the eye of officials in Somerset meant to educate, and begin a community conversation and bring solutions.

Not My Child, as it's called. is gaining traction, using a short video and a panel to get the discussion started.

"Somerset has provided all of their public safety professionals that are going to be on the panel today to share with the citizens of Crisfield what Somerset officials are doing to provide treatment options, education and enforcement," says Nancy Schrum, director of constituent services for Anne Arundel County.

"Law enforcement, parents, board of education, substance abuse providers, mental health providers to make this presentation of awareness to the community," said Karen Brimer, family services coordinator for Somerset County.

Earlier in the day at Crisfield High School students participated in a special session of their own.  The hope is to reach the younger generation about the dangers of these drugs before its too late.

"We're actually reaching out to students to understand that there's multiple pathways to addiction," says Schrum.   "It doesn't matter what generation, we're all invincible, right, when we're young.  Young people today have many many more distractions that they can come across that can kill them."

We are told this is just the beginning of Not My Child in Somerset County, as it heads to Washington High in Princess Anne Wednesday night.

For Washington students, there will be a morning session at 8:30 AM and an afternoon session at 1:15 PM.  Presentations for the public will take place at 6:15 PM.

Officials say Somerset County will push to get this educational program to younger children, hoping that reaching kids in elementary and middle schools will help prevent the spread of addiction.

Once again that meeting is tomorrow night at Washington High School.  If you want more info you can visit Somerset County Recovery and Re-entry Center on Facebook.

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