New restaurant looks to bring healthier options to Somerset Co.

Fresh, locally grown, and inexpensive, these three things that a new business is looking to bring to Princess Anne.

"I think making good food decisions shouldn't be expensive, and it should be affordable," says Matthew Gordon from Legacy Planning Group.

Gordon wants to bring a whole new meaning to farm to table in Somerset County, which is why he and his staff have opened Legacy Bistro. A restaurant that will bring healthier alternatives to the area.

"Somerset County gets neglected. How can we bring that level of food to an area that is lacking that, so how do you that? you grow your own stuff," says Chauwan Matthews, the Legacy Bistro Chef.

The restaurant is doing this through aquaponics, which is a way to grow fish and produce through an aquaculture system.

"We raise shrimp, fresh water lobster. Tomatoes, to squash, carrots, to everything and they all grow within 20,000 thousand square feet of greenhouse," says Gordon.

All of the food grown in their Worcester County farm is used in their bistro.Through aquaponics, Gordon says there is less of a chance of losing crops since it's grown in a controlled system, meaning they can keep their food prices down.

"Not only do I want to people to have good food options and food choices, because our target market are the people that not only live here but work here," says Gordon.

The Somerset County Health Department say these are options that are need.

"This effort in raising awareness around food and veggie consumption and bringing healthier choices to Somerset County aligns with many of the public health efforts that we have been putting forth to raise the awareness of clean healthy eating," says Crystal Bell, a Community Health Educator at Somerset County Health Department.

This means residents can eat more green without having to pull it more from their wallet.

Legacy Bistro is also working to setup a marketplace at the store front, this would allow residents to purchase vegetables and fruits that they grow.

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