New report calls for more resources for at-risk students

A newly released education report is calling for more psychological services for the state's at-risk students.

The report comes from the Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education and focuses on pre-K through 12 public education.

On the issue of at-risk students, it reads, "The state must ensure that students have access to other professionals in school that provide assistance with a students' social and emotional well-being."

It's something Dr. Kathy Seifert, a local psychologist, says would only enhance our students experience here locally. 

She says, "It's not that the people there already can't do a good job at what they specialize in but having psychologists just increases your knowledge base and your skills and the abilities to address all the students problems." 

Wicomico County public schools released a statement about the report:  

“Recommendations on increasing support services for at-risk students are part of one of the five major areas of recommendations in this preliminary report for improving public education in Maryland. All of the recommendations have merit, and we’ll be interested in the discussion on each recommendation as well as details on what funding plans might be proposed to go with these recommendations.”

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