New plans for controversial Wicomico Co. land

Controversy has been surrounding the nearly 80 acres off Naylor Mill Road and North West Road, which was supposed to house several poultry houses.

It was a plan that stirred up a local group called Concerned Citizens Against Industrial CaFos, or in other words, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.

But that land is no longer going to house a poultry project under its new ownership. Andy Holloway, owner of Baywater Farms, has different plans for the land. 

"We're gonna try to get organic certification in part of the farm for our vegetable operation, which is going to be tomatoes and some other vegetables. Then we're going to put some in warm season grass which is going to be a Bermuda grass and then some of it's going to be cool season grass and that's the grass that we would sell landscapers and home owners and Home Depots and Lowe's," explains Holloway.

Holloway says he's already received calls from people that are happy he has different plans for the land. He plans on starting to plant grass in April. 

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