New bill aims to create shared opioid overdose data for first responders

There's a bill in Annapolis that could help local law enforcement and first responders in Maryland combat the opioid crisis. 

It's a bill that's moving quickly through the Senate and gaining bipartisan support. 

Senate Bill 309, also known as health-reporting of overdose information, would create a platform for emergency medical responders and law enforcement to share data specifically related to overdoses.

It's something jurisdictions in Maryland can't currently do.

But it's something Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan says would be a huge step forward for those working to combat the issue. 

Chief Duncan says it would allow better spot trends, which they can't currently do with other cities in Maryland.

"The data resides within individual jurisdictions and counties, but being able to cross jurisdictional  boundaries is really the key to success in law enforcement," explains Chief Duncan. 

She says having a platform like this would be crucial in further understanding this epidemic that's already claimed 1 life in 2018, just in Salisbury.  

The bill would also require both police and medical staff to report an overdose within 24 hours of it happening, making it as close to real time tracking as possible. 

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