New anti-bullying campaign hopes to break through into Wicomico County school system

Concerns about bullying and fighting in the school sysmem led to the first parent meeting last night in Wicomico County. 

The meeting gave school officials a chance to hear the concerns of parents. But that's not the only thing that came out of the lengthy discussion. 

One parent has started an anti-bullying campaign called Break Thru Bullying. 

Break Thru Bullying will be a program brought to the classroom, designed to breakdown barriers and create a positive environment. 

Founder Trevor Howard says, "This might be something that will change their perspective to not just judge someone from the get go. Learn about each other, let's you intervene with each other and play with each other."

Pohanka is their first sponsor and will help raise funds for the program.

Break Thru Bullying hopes the community jumps on board because this is an issue that can't be tackled by one group alone.

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