Meeting outlines plans for FOlk Festival for local businesses

Salisbury is continuing to gear up for the Folk Festival coming to town this September.

Event planners except roughly 80,000 visitors to the Crossroads of Delmarva over the span of three days.

Those visitors flooding in will bring with them a sea of green, estimates between 15 million and 30 million dollars worth.

Needless to say the focus is on local business and that's the focal point of the meeting at the council chambers, to make area businesses aware, and to prepare them to highlight what they and the city have to offer.

"They need to staff up, they need to have extra supplies, making sure that they bring their business out in front of the shop don't just stay inside," says local manager Caroline O'Hare.  "Along Main Street we want people to come out in the front.   We would love like the baby boutique to come out into the front and just join in the celebration  and show off the greatness of Salisbury."

For more information contact O'Hare at 410.677.1916.

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