Mayor welcomed home with impromptu parade

Pocomoke has not been the same since Mayor Bruce Morrison left his post last November due to a medical emergency.  Sunday, after months of well wishes, flowers and prayers, the mayor finally returned home.

Morrison returned home, crossing over the bridge on Market Street, for the first time since he suffered a brain aneurysm on November 29th.

"We're a family.  This shirt says it all.  One town one beat.  Our heart all beats the same.  And our heart's been beating really strong for Bruce," said acting mayor Esther Troast.

"Bruce was born and raised here, and our mayor for several years now, and well loved.  So everybody's excited for him to come back," said Gail Gladding, a relative of Morrison.

The return of the third-term mayor brought hundreds of residents out to Market Street for the welcome home parade featuring the Worcester County Sheriff's Office, Pocomoke Police and City Fire Department, a department Bruce is a part of.

The parade was the brainchild of Troast, who began putting the pieces together last weekend.

"This is a very tight knit community.  A lot of Pocomoke City pride, and so I think everyone takes it very personal, and knows how important it is to be here to welcome him back," says assistant principal of Pocomoke High Jenifer Rayne.

And though Morrison is now home and making steady progress, his road to recovery continues.

"He's coming home, he's still going to still have extensive therapy.  As the doctors have told the family, and they've told us, that it's, it's not a race, it's a marathon.  It's going to take time, but he's going to get the best care he can get.  His wife Laura will see to that, that's for sure," said Troast.

We're told there is still no timetable for Morrison's return to his seat as mayor, but Troast tells us his seat will be there when he is ready.

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