Made On Delmarva: Burley Oak Brewery

Hopping from flavor to flavor, Burley Oak is far from your ordinary brewery.

"Right now we are focusing on a cobbler series.Which is basically flavors and tastes that come from our childhood, like peach cobbler, blueberry cobbler, and tastes that are comforting ," says Bryan Brushmiller,  the owner of Burley Oak.

Brushmiller tells us he is always looking to raise the bar. Brewing beer has always been a hobby for him, but went full time when hard times hit.

"When the recession hit, I didn't have a job, so I just did more of it. Now we have 20 employees. And  we sell beer from California to Tokyo," says Brushmiller.

Burley Oak has crafted over 500 beers in the last 6 years. Brushmiller took us back to where it is all done. He tells us all the beers start with a grain such as barley, rye, or wheat.

"A lot of our grain comes from a small farmer here on the Eastern Shore," says Brushmiller.

The grain is smashed and poured into hot boiling water to make a sugar water. He then adds in the hops. Hops is what gives the beer it's flavor, aroma, and bitterness. Once the liquid is done cooking it cools down and yeast is added to begin fermentation.

The beer is then aged for a few weeks or even up to a year, and then goes in for another round of hops.

"Then our favorite is the dry hopping part of it, where we use hops a second time after the boil and dry hopping," says Brushmiller.

Up next is the bubbles.The beer is carbonated and then sent down an assembly line. The cans are filled, weighed, labeled, coded, and sealed.

"It is actually a very moving experience being able to do something with your hands and then give it to somebody, and them being excited about and love it . it's the best feeling ever," says Brushmiller.

Bottoms up!

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