Local wealth management adviser breaks down huge dow drop

The stock market is coming back after sinking into a correction. 

The dow dipped into a record low of 1,175 points, marking the index's worst day since 2011. 

Because local matters, 47 ABC spoke to local wealth management adviser, Mike Andersen, to give us a better understanding. 

Andersen says in terms of points, there was a significant drop. But percentage wise, it wasn't bad. 

Now if you're a long term investor with a long time plan, this short term hurdle should not be an issue for you. 

We're told the cause of the big fall is unknown but there are many things that contribute to it. 

But always keep in mind, what goes up can also come down. 

The dow declined 567 points at Tuesday's open. 

As of 1 p.m. today, the dow was up 120 points. 

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