Local universities respond to students protesting gun violence and its affect on admissions

More than a week after a tragedy unfolded at a Parkland high school in Florida, the protests and lobbying continue. 

Across the country, students are making sure their voices are heard speaking out against gun violence.

Many of those people say that gun control is the answer. But regardless of where they stand, it's clear that the walk-outs, marches and more are having an impact on the nation. 

A number of universities and colleges have come forward to make it clear that, peaceful protests will not affect admission.

But there are others that have future students worried about their chances of getting accepting. 

Because local matters, we wanted to hear what college students had to say about future applicants. 

A Salisbury University freshman, Imani Hasell says, "It shouldn't really affect your admission only because you stand up for what you believe in, it shouldn't affect your admissions into college or stuff forward into your future."

And another freshman said, "Even if they get arrested, I don't think it should affect admissions because they were standing up for a good cause and standing up for people in the schools."

We also reached out to local universities for their thoughts. 

Salisbury University's statement:

“Salisbury University shares the University System of Maryland’s strong support for free speech and civic engagement. High school applicants to SU can be assured that the application process will not be affected by their peaceful participation in protests or the exercise of their free speech rights.”

University of Maryland Eastern Shore statement:

"Recognizing the rich diversity of our system, in ideas as well as people, the University System of Maryland seeks to educate the next generation of citizens to build stronger, more engaged communities. By their nature, universities are bastions of free inquiry and debate, where difficult, often controversial, topics are openly and peacefully discussed and confronted among those with deeply opposing views.  With that in mind, USM actively encourages free speech and civic engagement among current and future students. As a full-fledged member of the System, UMES is in agreement with the sentiment expressed. We have not had any current students express any interest locally in getting involved in protests, but that’s not say they might have engaged in activity closer to their homes. We are not aware of any such activity."

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