Local reactions over the 52nd Super Bowl

It's Super Bowl Sunday!

Eyes will be glued to the screen to watch the 52nd Super Bowl kick off. The Philadelphia Eagles will play the New England Patriots. 

If the Patriots are victorious, it will be the ninth team in NFL history to repeat as Super Bowl champs. 

And because local matters, we wanted to hear from you. 

47 ABC spoke to some locals in Salisbury and the line was split down the middle.

Some rooting for the Eagles, while others were on the Pats side. 

Yasheen Scott, a Salisbury local says, "I got the eagles beaten them by like 10. Eagles is strong this year they very healthy, they’re doing good this year, I would love to see them win in that division."

And on the other spectrum, DeAngelo Moaney is rooting for his Patriots, "I like both teams but I'd like to see New England win it. I hope they win, but I give both of them best of luck you know I can't say which one will or predict which one won't but I just say good luck to both of them."

We're told 28% of Americans will attend a Super Bowl party, so if you are going out tonight, make sure to be safe and not drink and drive. 

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