Lieutenant Floyd remembered, honored with ceremony at James T. Vaughn

The ceremony for fallen correctional officer Lt. Steven Floyd, Sr. kept the memory of him alive, as well as reminding everyone of just how important it is to continue improving the safety of James T. Vaughn correctional officers.

Members of the community, general assembly and representatives from partner agencies joined together under tents and umbrellas, braving the worst of a passing storm, to honor the bravery of the fallen officer.

"Not only was he an exceptional officer who never wavered in his duties, he was the epitome of a public servant," says DOC commissioner Perry Phelps.

Phelps spoke of when he first met Floyd, the young union representative, who was an outspoken advocate for those he believed were being treated unfairly.

"He cared about giving people a voice.  Standing up for what's right and seeing things through until the end."

One year later everyone hopes the events that transpired February 1, 2017 will lead to a stronger DOC, sparing the lives of others in the process.

"As we pause from our daily routines to reflect, it is my hope that in the past twelve months, that we have become a stronger more unified agency and community and state," said Phelps.

Governor Carney took to the podium to assure onlookers that the work to secure the safety of these correctional officers continues.

"It wasn't until lt Floyd's death that the rest of us truly understood what it meant to be a correctional officer…  I hope you know that we hear you.  We're with you.  We have your back.  And we're doing what we can to support you."

The climax of the ceremony was the unveiling of this plaque, preserving the memory of Lieutenant Steven Floyd, Sr. lives on forever.  The plaque dedicated to Floyd's memory reads, "Sergeant Steven R. Floyd, SR. End of Watch February 2, 2017."

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