Join Ocean City in annual beach district planting event

In it's 13th year, the Town of Ocean City is offering the beach district plants, for planting in the secondary dune area.

The plants are hardy plants, which can handle the harsh environment near the ocean front. They also help in providing food and shelter, water equality treatment and erosion control in the secondary dune area.

According to Gail Blazer, Ocean City Environmental Engineer, the city began the program to better the area and has continued ever since in meeting that need.

"The plants are very beneficial to the stability of the dune system and help with erosion and scour.  Our residents and property owners love the program and it benefits the environment and the beach, so it is a win for everyone."

Plants that are ordered will need to be picked up at a pre-determined date and time.

Suitable plants to add to a secondary dune area include beach grass, bayberry, rugosa rose, beach plum, high tide bush, red cedar and panic grass.

Applications are now being accepted until March 2, 2018.

For more information contact Gail Blazer in the Town's Engineering Department at (410) 289-8825.


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