Inaugural light ceremony held for WW II Fire Control Tower #3

Along with the announcement of the economic study– Governor Carney was also in attendance for the first ever inaugural lighting ceremony for Tower 3. The tower is one of the landmark concrete fire control towers used for the states costal defense during WW II.The Delaware Seashore Prevention Foundation along with the Fort Miles Historical Association is looking to restore the tower to bring in more tourists.
Once the tower is restored, there are plans to open it to the general public in addition to offering interpretive tours of the historic landmark. 

"Along with the partnership with the Delaware seashore state park preservation foundation to refurbish these towers and make them an attraction so people can come here they can see they can enjoy the beaches and they can learn something about our military history," said Delaware Governor John Carney.

Groups are still raising money for the tower to begin the restoration process.They tell 47 ABC that they'll need $150,000 to get it done. 

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