Harriet Tubman Museum celebrates their first Black History Month through special events

Through out February, organizations and community members are coming together to recognize the central role of African Americans in U.S history through Black History Month.

And the Harriet Tubman Museum in Church Creek is no exception. 

The site is celebrating their first Black History Month since opening its doors. This museum is planted deep in Harriet Tubman's roots hoping to spread her legacy even beyond Dorchester County.

Harriet Tubman is just one of the many people that has made an impact on our country's history but more importantly made an impact on many lives.

The museum hopes to make Harriet Tubman proud by hosting special events throughout the month.

Angela Crenshaw, assistant manager and park ranger, says, "For Black History Month and our one year anniversary, which will be March 10-11, we will have guided tours and number of range led activities. We want to bring people here but we want to give them that little extra something special that ranger attention, you can ask personal questions and you can really build that personal connection to Harriet Tubman."

As this museum goes through Tubman's struggles, it shows her true colors. She was little, but she was fierce. 

"She's not some big mythical figure she's a five-foot tall woman born in Madison, Dorchester County who has absolutely amazing things against her in her life. She never learned how to read, she was born enslaved sometimes she didn't have enough to eat or adequate clothing but she did amazing things with her life," Crenshaw explains. 

She led the largest emancipation in the history of the U.S. freeing up to 800 people. She was the first and only woman to lead and execute an armed raid during the Civil War. 

Harriet Tubman's dedication and hard work is brought to light in this museum– and museum officials are hoping her efforts continue to touch lives today.

The museum has already seen 100,000 visitors in its first year of opening. 

It's free and they invite the entire family to come. They even offer junior ranger packets so children can follow along. 

The park is open every day from 9 AM to 6 PM.

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