Georgetown Cop Killer Resentenced

The Georgetown law enforcement community is calling it a formality but todays sentencing of a convicted cop killer marks an end to a case that's  been in and out of the courts for nearly a decade.

Captain Ralph Holm was with the department when Chad Spicer was gunned down by Derrick Powell back in September of 2009. 

Holm says the loss permanently changed things.

 "This was a wake up call for small town America that this does happen in small towns and you have to be aware of that. So a lot of times if we don't know who you are we're not trying to be unfriendly or unprofessional its just that our guard is up."

After several twists and turns Spicer's killer is learning his fate in a Sussex County courtroom. 

Holm says the sentence is new but the case has dulled in the minds of many.
"For most people the world continues to turn. It was mine years ago that he was killed. But its not in our back pockets. Its not on our back burners. This is something each of us faces every single day."

A memorial to Chad Spicer sits in the middle of Georgetown. Everyday, dozens of people pass by and pay tribute to the slain officer.

But his killer, Derrick Powell will never see the light of day. Today Superior Court Judge T Henley Graves has sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.


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