Election deadline looms for Pocomoke

The city needs two council members to sign on for three years. 

But some members of the community say the city should do a better job of getting minorities to the table. 

City leaders like Bobby Cowger counter, not many people of color are stepping in to help govern the city. 

"The biggest thing you find in Pocomoke is I don't think the minority wants to get that much politically involved. They like having a voice and all that but as far as having a seat on the council. You're really limited to the number of minorities who want to get involved." 

Some members of the community, like council candidate Todd Nock, say they'd like to see a more diverse council but city leaders say that could change this election cycle.

 "Pocomoke is a place that's made up of people from different walks of life different cultures different races different religions and there definitely needs to be a variety."

Todd Nock is running for office, and he's African American. 

Other community leaders say its important for the city to let everyone in the area know they are welcome in government.

"It would make others feel that they are a part of the community that their word means something.  We need to increase that every aspect of our society and culture. We're a town that's here for  everybody so we want your input we want your citizenship we want your advocacy." 

If Nock wins his District 4 seat, that would add another African American to the council body.  

Diane Downing is currently representing District 2.

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