Delmarva Power: Keep foil balloons away from power lines

Love might be in the air but balloons shouldn't be. 

With an uptick of purchases today, Delmarva Power is reminding everyone the possible risks of untethered balloons. 

We're told, they could possibly lead to outages if they come into contact with power lines. 

Delmarva Power says you should keep them weighed down. Also, make sure your string isn't too long and at least 10 feet away. 

If a balloon does get stuck in a power line, do not touch it. 

We're told the foil-coated balloons with metallic properties can cause a surge of electricity. But any type of helium balloon can come in contact with sensitive equipment and can cause a fuse to blow.

Delmarva Power says you can properly dispose of balloons by puncturing them to release helium and then throwing them away. 

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