Delaware prison officials asking lawmakers for more funding

Delaware prison officials are asking lawmakers for more money, despite an increase in funding last year. 

Governor John Carney wants to boost the general budget for the department of corrections by $20 million next fiscal year. 

Just yesterday, Commissioner Perry Phelps spoke to the finance committee in hopes for more funding. 

We spoke to Commissioner Phelps today, who says they need to increase staffing and pay for correctional officers. 

There are over 250 vacancies for CO's.

Currently, 179 officers are actually eligible for retirement.

We're told, DOC has a dual mission, which includes public safety and rehabilitation. 

"You need good public safety and good security that correction officers provide in order to do rehabilitation. And you need rehabilitation to help your offenders to rehabilitate and going back out there to be productive members of the community. And without the funding we will not be able to complete both parts of that mission," Commissioner Phelps tells us.

While they continue to push for more funds, the final decision will be made by the finance committee. 

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