Del. prison guard smuggler serving three years wants home confinement

(AP) – A former Delaware prison guard sentenced to three years for smuggling drugs and cellphones to inmates is asking that he be allowed to serve the second half of his sentence on home confinement.

In a letter to a federal judge this month, Thomas Nadill Boyce Jr. complains that the Virginia penitentiary where he is confined is eight hours from his home, making family visits burdensome.

Boyce says he's been told he has to serve 18 months before becoming eligible for a transfer, but is hoping to serve the final months of his sentence on home confinement.

Boyce and fellow guard Paul Hursey were arrested in 2016 and charged with conspiring to smuggle cellphones and drugs into Delaware's maximum-security prison in exchange for money.

Hursey is serving 30 months in prison.

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