Del. beach replenishment delayed until summer

Relief for Delaware's coast could be happening a lot later than expected.

Fenwick Island, Bethany, and South Bethany are all part of a beach replenishment project that was supposed to begin last fall, but has now been delayed. 

Engineers say this is due to a limited amount of dredging contractors causing projects to get pushed back until this summer. Dredging is now expected to begin in Bethany by mid May and make its way south bound to Fenwick by July. During construction, communities can expect construction crews to close no more than 1,000 feet of beach as work is underway.

However this delay has some locals concerned over what this could mean during the area's peak season. 

"With portions of the beach unavailable due to the project, that will give fewer square feet per person and it might cause some congestion," says Susan Fry, from Bethany Beach.

"It will impact some but not all, people are pretty rigid about where they go on vacation," says Dolores Hughes from South Bethany.

Dredging is expected to wrap up  in Fenwick Island by mid to late July, but that is subject to change based on the weather.

In total the projects are expected to cost $19.2 million dollars.

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