Cosmetology program at Parkside gives students hands-on experience and inspiration

One high school is changing the way they educate their students. 

It's a unique program that develops skills but it's also creating life lessons.

It looks like a typical salon. But if you look behind the hair curler, it's not your average stylist. 

It's actually a classroom at Parkside High in Salisbury. It's apart of the cosmetology program for the Career and Technology Education program. 

Cosmetology instructor, Valerie Stevenson says,"They learn hairstyling, facials, make up, nails, pedicures. They learn salon management, they learn everything they need to know to open up their own salon. Ordering supplies, writing a business plan, pay roll taxes, state regulations, federal regulations."

It's part of a program that puts the books down and picks up experiences.

"They get to experience the real thing. Working on mannequins is great. But the mannequins hair does certain things. When humans come in, they have to experience maybe some scalp disorders, nail disorders. They do facials on each other, they do artificial nails on each other, they do pedicures on each other," Stevenson tells us.

The skills and lessons aren't just staying in the classroom. They're being taken into the real world to our area where many former students thrive running their own salon. 

Salon owner and former student Tiffany Moore states, "You just think I'm going to do hair but it teaches you business plans, teaches you to how really connect with your customers, they give you a good foundation."

This example is the biggest highlight of the program and shows young girls that their dreams can become a reality. 

When students leave this program, they are licensed and they can go right to work in a salon. 

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