Centuries old Harcum family farm in jeopardy

"I would rather have not a dime in the bank than watch my dad struggle." 

Rebecca Harcum has taken out loans, emptied her savings, and maxed out her credit cards to try and save her family's farm.

A farm that's been in the family for nearly 350 years. 

"It's our heritage it's, you know, many many generations have worked the land and we just enjoy doing it," explains Rebecca's father William Blan Jr. 

This farm is all Blan Junior knows, it's what he loves.
"Unless you've been a farmer you don't understand the meaning of land and being able to work it and go about making it a livelihood," explains Blan Jr. 

Despite the hard life a farmer lives, he wouldn't trade it for the world, even when met with hardships he's had to face in the last decade.

One too many bad years led to debt they couldn't escape and the first thing to go was their cows, their number one product.

"We wanted to try to preserve it and keep it you know viable but with the dairy, we just couldn't do it, it just was not possible," says Blan Jr. 

In order to make ends meet, they've converted the pens that once housed cows with pigs to bring back some cash flow.

But it's still not enough, so Rebecca started a GoFundMe page and they're already overwhelmed with the amount of support.

"It's amazing we've always known we have a lot of supporters and people that want to see us stay here, but to actually, you know, words are words but the people that are taking action and donating, even just the people that are writing letters or notes. It's a really hard time and it does help keep our spirits up," says Rebecca. 

They're just hoping it's enough to keep their family's legacy afloat. 

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