Brightside: Cutting Edge

Doctor Sophia Shakur says the first time she considered becoming a doctor was right here in at a school in Salisbury. 

"I was in elementary school at Pinehurst and I got an award for just being a good student in math and science and the award ended up being a book. The book had these beautiful illustrations on human anatomy." 

That book was donated by Dr. Edwin Bellis, who was a neurosurgeon in Salisbury. 

That small token foreshadowing Shakur's future. 

Today, Shakur is performing endoscopic brain surgeries in a state-of-the-art operating room. 

"We constructed a brand new hybrid neurosurgery operating room  that we're standing in right now. Its specifically designed for most of the surgical procedures that I would do."

This room at Peninsula Regional Medical Center is the first and only of its kind on Delmarva. 

Shakur says the technology housed here will allow her to help patients  who've had strokes and aneurysms.  

"Its specifically designed to use minimally invasive techniques which we call endovascular techniques which are done from inside of the blood vessels." 

Shakur says she owes so much of who she is today to the schools she went to like Bennett Middle and High and Pinehurst Elementary. 

And of course to her mom and dad!

"In Salisbury on the Delmarva Penninsula they have great schools and great teachers and they give you a wonderful foundation to go out and achieve whatever goals you set for yourself."


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