Bottled water for Blades continues

A town without water. 

That's essentially what Blades has been for four days since it was announced that the water wells were contaminated with elevated levels of pre-fluorinated compounds. 

"We're working as fast as we can to get this system up and running so that our citizens can just open their taps again and cook their pasta water and have their coffee and drink out of," says Blades Town Administrator Vikki Prettyman. 

DNREC test results found over double the amount of PFCs the EPA considers okay for human consumption in all three of town's wells. 

That's why thousands of cases of bottled water as well as 400 gallon water buffalos were rolled in to serve as the resident's source of water. 
"We've handed out approximately 24 cases of water. That's about $15,000 of water that's been distributed to the town so far," says DNREC Environmental Program Manager Jamie Bethard. 

The contaminated water was deemed unsafe to drink or even cook with. It's a scary situation, especially for restaurants like Cafe Milano in Blades. 

They too have been able to stay open thanks to the bottled water.  

But DNREC, city officials,even the EPA think they've found a solution for the pollution.
"We're going to install the carbon filtration into the system kind of like what you see behind us in a big tank. It's going to take all the water and filter it through the carbon system and then will pull out the contaminate," says Bethard. 

According to DNREC, installing this carbon filter will eliminate the PFC's in the water, making it okay to drink and cook with again.

But installing this type of equipment is no easy task. 

"If you look at all the plumbing behind me, it's not like hooking a garden hose up and having clean product coming out so there's things that have to occur yet, we're hoping by the end of the week that we can get this established and get it going," explains Bethard. 

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