Beebe holds meeting to discuss expansion to Millville

Beebe healthcare is investing $180 million in expanding in three different locations, and Wednesday their officials met with locals in Bethany Beach to discuss plans for their Millville location.

Comments and concerns were raised from locals about the new freestanding emergency department and satellite Tunnell Cancer Center.

One of the main concerns was regarding the fate of the existing walk in care clinic on the site.  Residents were assured that emergency care center would remain in tact.

"We'll probably be back in a couple of weeks to have another session just like this, planned to be at this location, and I think we'll probably have many more as the program develops we'll get more community feedback as people see what we're doing," says Rick Schaffner, Beebe Health COO.

This is just the first of multiple meetings in Bethany Beach regarding Beebe construction in Millville.  Content from these meetings can affect plans for construction, you can find future meetings at Beebe's Facebook page.

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