Beebe Healthcare expands a south campus to Millville

A brand new development is popping up in Sussex County. It's an expanision that has been in the works for three years. 

Beebe Healthcare are expanding a southern campus to Millville. It's $30 million construction project.

Currently the property is off Roxana Road. Right now, it's 20-acre field. But it'll develop into a 24/7 emergency department, which will have 22 emergency bays. It'll also home a second location for their Tunnell Cancer Center, offering oncology and radiation.

Beebe's VP of External Affairs, Alex Sydnor, tells us that Millville is a great location because it's in the middle, making it more accessible. 

For residents in this area, it's a welcome addition that will eliminate the almost 30 minute drive they currently have to get medical attention. 

Millville City Clerk, Matt Amerling says, "So to have an emergency center so close for our towns folk as well as the people in the community in this area it's something that everyone is looking forward to."

These specific needs are crucial for this part of town because Beebe's cancer center in Rehoboth is at capacity. 

Beyond bringing medical needs, we're told it'll bring more jobs and opportunities to the area. 

"I think the overall is, yes I think it's nice, it's just having the services there that's most important," Amerling tells 47 ABC. 

Officials plan to expand the campus, as Millville continues to grow. Construction will begin later this fall and will take more than a year to finish. 

The architectural renderings will be unveiled in about 8 weeks. 

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