Aladdin’s Lamp Funhouse officially retired

A Trimper's favorite is officially out of commission. The Aladdin's Lamp Funhouse in Ocean City has been retired after more than 30 years of operation.

The Trimper Family says it was necessary to close down the funhouse because the outside had been worn down throughout the years and maintenance was getting too expensive.

They say any space on the Ocean City boardwalk is precious, and they look forward to bringing in a new and exciting ride to replace the beloved Aladdin's lamp.

Ocean City locals say they will still miss their childhood favorite.

Patricia Bona, an Ocean City local said, "It's upsetting. It was one of those nostalgic things. We have four kids between us and it's something that they won't be able to get on and have that experience for them to make memories with, so it's sad to see things like that leave."

The Trimper family says a new balloon ride should be going in this summer.

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