Work continues on Allen Harim wastewater treatment facility

In Delaware efforts continue to upgrade a poultry wastewater treatment facility.

Last year Allen Harim announced that they will end discharging wastewater from their Harbeson processing plant into a nearby creek.

The poultry company reached an agreement with Artesian Wastewater Management.Their plan is to send wastewater  to a recycling facility north of Milton. Artesian will then use the water for spray irrigation on agricultural land.

The wastewater management company tells us they are more than half way through the project. They are still constructing part of the pipeline to transport the water to the facility.

"I think this is a good opportunity to utilize a more ecologically friendly and economically friendly wastewater. we think the land application a significantly better way to go than stream discharge," says David Spacht, the COF of Artesian Artesian Wastewater Management.

Another part of this project is constructing a lagoon for storage purposes, that part is expected to begin in the spring. The whole project would be completed by mid-summer.

47 ABC contacted Allen Harim for an update on the project, but we have yet to hear back as of Wednesday afternoon.

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