Wicomico parents upset about potential boundary adjustments

Some Wicomico County parents say they are upset after receiving a letter in the mail informing them that their kids might be transferred to a different school due to boundary adjustments.

The change could transfer dozens of students from Bennett Middle School to Salisbury Middle school soon.

Letters went out last week informing parents of the potential change.

The letters also notified parents about a community session that would be held that same week at Pemberton Elementary School.

Parents say they are upset that they were only given two days notice of about the meeting and moving forward, they want to have more of a say in any future educational changes involving their children.

"It's not about the reasons behind the move or the reason for the move I should say, it's really about the fact that the community needs to be involved with what is going on with our community, especially when it comes to our kids."

Another meeting is scheduled to take place at 4 PM on Wednesday at Village at Mitchell Pond Apartments in Salisbury to further discuss this issue.

Parents say Superintendent Dr. Donna Hanlin is expected to appear at that meeting on Wednesday.

Anyone who is concerned about the boundary adjustments is being urged to attend the meeting to learn more.

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