Wicomico High Schools host opioid awareness day

It was opioid awareness day at Wicomico County schools Friday.

The school system is choosing to be proactive rather than reactive by trying to raise awareness about the dangers of opioid abuse in their students, before it's too late.

Students in all Wicomico County high schools wore t-shirts to increase awareness.

Organizers hope that by wearing the t-shirts, students will initiate important conversations about opioid abuse with others.

They also hope students and their families will realize that somebody cares about them and wants them to get better.

Ultimately, organizers say they want to decrease the amount of opioid overdoses in Wicomico County.

Auburn Broadie Sr., a Health Education Teacher at Wicomico High School said, "The students I have in the classroom are in our community, and they will be the students of our future, and I'm hoping that we can cut this problem of people down from overdose."

Mardela, Parkside, WiHi, and Bennett all wore the t-shirts on Friday.

Organizers say they are now looking for sponsors to help raise funds so they can host a similar program next semester.

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