Wicomico Emergency Services responds to Hawaii’s false missile alert

On Saturday, a false ballistic missile alarm was sent out across Hawaii.

47ABC spoke to our own emergency service personnel on Monday to see how we would handle a situation similar to this.

Wicomico County officials say their emergency alerts can be broadcasted across radios, televisions, and across wireless telephones but say there is little room for error with our system.

Computers that can send out emergency alerts are password protected and when an official goes to send an alert, they are greeted with various prompts.

David Fitzgerald, an Emergency Management Coordinator for Wicomico County said, "The additional prompts that our software [has], it's asking you repeated times are you sure you want to send it? And each time it asks you that, it requires you reenter your name and password, so you simply can't just click a mouse or you're typing a note or email and you accidentally set it off."

This means the chances of Wicomico County sending out a false test or alert are little to none.

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