Wicomico Board of Education looks to replace Beaver Run Elementary School

A Wicomico County school is in such bad shape that the Board of Education is trying to replace it entirely.

The Beaver Run Elementary School was built back in 1958 and officials say it's time to see the old school go.

Paul Butler, the Director of Communications for Wicomico County Schools said, "We desperately need a new Beaver Run Elementary School."

Clogged pipes, a dilapidated roof, and flooding are just some of the problems facing the elementary school.

Butler said, "The main reason we need this school is not only because of the structural problems, but the instructional deficiencies in the classroom."

The instructional deficiencies to which Paul Butler is referring? Technology.

"Not having the newest, the latest technology for these kids that they need in today's world. So that's one of the main reasons we need this school," Butler said. 

In addition to a lack in updated technology, the school faces a major problem every time it rains.

Butler said, "It's just had so many issues in the last couple years including plumbing, the roofing, it often floods when there is a real bad rain."

Paul Butler said even parents have taken notice of the brutal conditions at Beaver Run.

"When they take their kids to school or attend some of the events there, and they see the roofing, the ceiling, the plumbing, some of the schools, they know that we need a new replacement at that school," Butler said.

Moving forward, the Wicomico County Board of Education is hoping they can receive adequate funding for building a new school, a project that would cost around $46 million dollars.

Paul Butler said, "We're just hoping that the Governor gives us the money the county gives us the money needed to build this facility."

The Wicomico County Board of Education is hoping to have a new school constructed within the next five years.

Wicomico has already received some funding to start looking for an architect and begin design.

Some of the other priorities the Wicomico County Board of Education have outlined for the upcoming year include renovating Delmar Elementary School and giving other schools new roofs.

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