Waldorf man found guilty in 2017 crash death in Ocean City

Stanley Faison, 51, of Waldorf, MD

A Waldorf man was convicted for his role in the death of a 23-year-old Virginia man, after authorities say he struck the Virginia man while driving under the influence, in Ocean City.

The Office of the State's Attorney for Worcester County says on Wednesday, 51-year-old Stanley Faison, of Waldorf, MD, was found guilty  of homicide while driving under the influence of alcohol, homicide while driving impaired by alcohol, homicide while driving under the influence of alcohol per se, driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol and negligent driving after a two-day trial and five hours of deliberation, in Worcester County. The charges stem from an incident that happened in the early morning hours of May 21, 2017 during " Cruisin' Week."

On that day, at approximately 2:00 AM, Faison hit 23-year-old J.R. Ednie, of Manassas, VA with his 1972 Chevrolet Impala in the area of 45th Street and Coastal Highway. Ednie was apparently attempting to cross the highway when Faison the victim. Faison apparently hit the victim in the middle of lane two which sent his body over 15 feet from the point of impact. Ednie died as a result of his injuries.

During the trial, evidence showed that the 51-year-old had been drinking as he had " blood shot glassy eyes, slurred and mumbled speech, and the strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath and person." At the time of his arrest, Faison's breath sample showed a breath alcohol content of .12. During a search of Faison's vehicle, the Ocean CIty Police Department found a large cooler with multiple types of alcoholic beverages behind the driver's seat. An expert witness says that in the reconstruction of the crash, they determined that Daison was traveling over the 35 MPH speed limit.

During closing arguments, Deputy State's Attorney Bill McDermott said "In a civilized society, we hold drunk drivers accountable when they kill people – and Mr. Faison took the life of a young 23 year old man, robbed his parents of a son and his sisters of a brother, he needs to be held accountable for striking a person so hard it literally knocked him out of his shoes."

Authorities report that 27 days before the crash, Faison was convicted of Driving under the influence in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Prior to that, Mr. Faison was apparently convicted in 2011 of driving while impaired in Hoke County, North Carolina. The State has filed for enhanced penalties against Mr. Faison due to his priors. 

In a statement, the vicitm's mother and father says, " " My family and I would like to start with thanking the State's prosecutor, Bill McDermott for all of his hard work, time and attention to detail, along with victim witness coordinator, Chris Sharp, who was very kind to our family. Bill was amazing and sharp with the entire crime as if I were present when it happened. We'd also extend our thanks to Detective Karsnitz, the forensic expert, it would not have been possible without you. Truly, thank you. To all our friends and family for the support and prayers along the way. This has not been easy, it was the most grueling two full days in court we have ever had to experience. Although you could say justice is being served, we pray to get the chance to see JR again. In our eyes justice can never and will never be served. He did not deserve what happened to him, he was a young man that had his life taken from him in a matter of minutes. We are happy to see this should not happen to any other family because this man will be behind bars. No one, no parent, no sisters should have to go through the living nightmare we have every single day, to have to bury your child or brother. It is not the way life is supposed to happen and we pray no one has to experience this. Thank you to the jury for your time and for confirming this with a guilty verdict of all seven counts". 

A sentencing date for Faison has not been announced an a pre-sentencing investigation was ordered by Judge Brian Shockley.

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